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5 on Friday - Red Carpet Fashion Love!

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One of my favorite days of the year is this weekend....Oscar Sunday!!  For the most shallow of reasons, of course.  My interest is primarily in the fashion with some mild curiosity about who will win the "big" awards.  The middle section does nothing to hold my attention.  However, I will be taping so Natalie can hear the fabulous Idina Menzel perform "Let it Go".

The red carpet fashion is always so interesting to me.  I love the red carpet shows leading up to the awards, checking out pictures online and hearing everyone's opinion on best and worst dressed.  Isn't it funny how someone can end up on both lists?  Even when the dress doesn't seem particularly polarizing or much of a risk.  Sometimes I agree and sometimes not (I'm looking at you E! Fashion Police).

So in honor of my love of Red Carpet fashion I am sharing looks from this award season from five beautiful ladies.  These are also the ladies I am most excited to see this Sunday.  What color and style will they pick?!?  Will they take a risk or play it safe?!  I can hardly contain my excitement! ;)

Out of all the ladies this award season, Lupita Nyong'o has been my absolute favorite!  She is so beautiful and carries herself with such grace and sophistication.  The sea blue dress is by far my favorite dress.  The neckline is such a statement and it looks flawless on her.
I also love that she has worn lots of color and while the silhouette is pretty much the same on the white, red and blue dresses they all have different feels to them because of the necklines.  The green dress is gorgeous and is a great color for her.  Plus I love the gold belt!
I am hoping she keeps up her winning dress streak and pulls out another vibrant color for the Oscars!
Cate Blanchett is just gorgeous.  Simple as that.  Her style is definitely more on the fashion forward side which causes her to have some hits and misses along the way.  Well maybe that is more a non-fashion person's opinion.  :)
I have really liked most of her dresses this season though I think the black dress on the far left (from the BAFTAs) is pretty it is a little too plain for me.  The bib look of the pink dress didn't bother me as much as it bothered other people because it was unlike anything I had seen before.  The risk was interesting in my book.
For the Oscars I really hope she choses something other than black (way too much this year!) and shows off her fashion forward sense.
Amy Adams is beautiful but I don't always love her fashion choices.  With that said, when I do love them, I really love them.  The blue dress was phenomenal from the hair to her shoes to the neckline and belt.  Gorgeous.  I was on the fence on the pink dress because I really liked the style but not the color - though I'm not sure what color it would have looked better in.  Maybe green?  I thought the black dress was pretty but it didn't blow me away.  As for the maroon and red dress?  I didn't get it but maybe it had to do with the missing cape that she ditched when Lupita Nyong'o showed up in her red dress.
Amy always looks beautiful so I am definitely curious to see what she will do for the Oscars.
 Jennifer Lawerence is another one who has interesting choices.  I haven't loved nor hated anything in particular that she wore this year but in the past the girl has brought it!  While I thought her Oscars dress last year (on the right) was a little too wedding, it was still beautiful.  Plus she had the gorgeous backwards necklace.  Loved it!
Here's to hoping she really steps up her game this weekend!

Five is a combined spot.  I love the simplistic looks Jennifer has pulled out this year.  The texture of the red dress is so cool and different.  I haven't seen a lot of her this season and she hasn't been particularly show stopping recently but I am still looking forward to what she will wear.  I think her dresses tend to fall more in line with what us common folk could wear!
Margot Robbie is beautiful.  Period.  So although I have only seen her a couple times, she has looked phenomenal both times.  I loved the green accents and green shoes at the Golden Globes.  And that slit?  Yowzers!  Plus that jumpsuit (is that the right term?) is super sexy.  I am very curious to see what she will do on Sunday.

So that is it.  There will be lots more beautiful ladies on the red carpet on Sunday and really, I am looking forward to all of them.

Are you looking forward to the red carpet fashion on Sunday?  Anyone in particular that you can't wait to see??

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