Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy 9 Months, Chase Edward!!!

Happy 9 months to my sweet, blue-eyed boy!
At your 9 month doctor appointment, you were 16lbs 14oz and 29 inches.  Just like your big sister you are tending toward the low end of the weight spectrum and the high end of height.
You wear size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes. 
Chase, you love to cuddle with your mama and wake up every morning about 6am to join me for some morning cuddling time and another little cat nap before your big sis wakes up.  You are a happy, sweet boy but watch out when you are hungry!  (You may have gotten that from your mama...sorry!)  And boy, do you like to eat!  :)   We are still nursing 4-5 times a day though you get distracted easily and don't like to be contained for long!  You definitely don't want to miss any play time.  :)  We have not found a food you don't like but I would say your favorites are sweet potatoes, pears/pineapple and yogurt right now. 
You have been crawling for about 3 months and have it down pat.  In fact, there is a distinct difference between your casual crawl and what we lovingly call your 'run-crawl'.  This is something you usually reserve for when I am chasing after you because you have something you shouldn't!  This past month you have become increasingly stable while standing and very adept at navigating your way along the furniture.  I have no doubt you will be walking soon and there will be no stopping you then! 
And as evidenced by the pic above, when you talk to us you do the cutest little nose scrunch! 

You love to spend time in your walker and can zip around the kitchen like a champ!  You also love anything with music as you are a natural dancer.  Of course, you also love your sister's toys, especially the ones I would prefer you not to put in your mouth! 
Chase, you have the best laugh and love to be tickled!  Mommy and Daddy can make you laugh, but nobody can make you laugh the way Natalie does.  You love her so much and it is so sweet to watch you two play together!  As your mom, I cherish the way you look at her and I hope you continue to build your relationship and be lifelong friends.
This past month, you added 5 more teeth to the 2 you already had!  You have been a champ with teething as these 5 teeth cut through within a 2 day span.  You also started waving quite a bit and learned to high five!
You also said your first word this month....'mama'!  Be still my heart!!!  You have always been a mama's boy but it melted my heart to hear you say 'mama'.  Since then you have added 'hi' and 'dada' to your vocabulary.

Chase, you are the perfect addition to our family and the happiest, easy going little guy.  You love to explore and are very curious by nature.  You love your family and just light up when you see us after some time apart.  You love to laugh, play with your sister and make noise!  Oh and you love your binky!
Chase Edward, we love you to the moon and back!

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