Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Chase Edward!

Dear Chase Edward,

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since God blessed us with you.  We waited a long time to meet you little man and it was worth every minute.  You made your debut 12 hours and 21 mins after your due date.  I should have known then you would do everything in your own way, in your own time!

From day one you have been the best snuggler.  Snuggled up on my chest was pretty much the only way you would sleep for the first few weeks.  Or whenever you had a hard time falling back asleep after an overnight nursing session.  Or when you were just feeling extra lovely. 
I cherished those quiet moments with you and drank in your sweet baby smell.
Early on you let us know you were going to be all boy and much different from your calm sister.

You were a pretty laid back baby unless your little hiney was bothering you. 
My heart still hurts thinking about how you must have felt without us knowing or understanding what you were going thru prior to your surgery.  :(
But after your surgery, you were like a completely different baby.  Happy as could be all.the.time!
You are quick to share your sweet, happy smile and a big belly laugh too!
You love to talk and make sure we know you are part of our conversations.
You have the most beautiful big, blue eyes and field compliments all the time about them.   

 You love to be part of the action and to soak in everything that is going on around you.

 Your sister loves you fiercely and you are already looking out for her.
You have always used your eyebrows to express emotion.  A furrowed brow became a classic Chase look.  :)
 You are so funny and love to make us laugh.  A favorite trick is screaming super loud until your sister laughs at you....which she always does ;)

You were quite the crawler but those days are long gone.  These days you are walking all over the place and I am already having a hard time keeping up with you!

You love being getting into everything and often times being quite mischievous. 

We learned early on not to get in the way of you and food!
Speaking of eating, you are the BEST eater!  I have not found a food you won't eat and often times you eat more than your sister in a sitting.  You also love making a big mess when you eat! :)

You love being outside but you really love swinging!  I can get the biggest laughs from you while in a swing.

You currently have 7 teeth with another 1 on the way (to balance out the bottom of your goofy grin!)
You love going for walks but your days of being contained in the stroller on our outings are numbered.  You much prefer to be out walking and checking out everything on your own terms. 

You have already had your first haircut -
don't worry it was more traumatic for me than it was for you.
You look like such a big boy with your new do!

You love your binky, exploring and wearing everyone else's shoes.

 But most of all I think you love being adventurous and climbing on everything in sight!

You have the most adorable, crinkly little nose when you smile super big!
Chase Edward, you have been the perfect addition to our family and I am blessed to be your mama.  Thank you for being my sweet baby boy!
We love you to the moon and back!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Favorite Things - April

It's that time of month again!  Definitely a favorite day to check out other bloggers to see what kind of new goodies under $10 they are recommending!

Linking up with the lovely Erika at A Little Bit of Everything and
Andrea at Never Say Never for their Favorite Things Party.
It wouldn't be my favorite things post without a shout out to my current favorite chocolate thing!  Last month I shared a Skinny Cow product and this month I am sharing a new favorite Skinny Cow item.  I love, like in a weird, obsessive way, chocolate and peanut butter together.  However, I don't love all chocolate and peanut butter together.  I know, that kind of makes no sense but in my crazy head it totally does.  All peanut butter and chocolate mixtures are not made the same (I'm looking at you Butterfinger...yuck!)
So anyway, the Skinny Cow Divine Fill Chocolates with peanut butter are DELISH!  A little rich - like I can't eat in one sitting rich - but awesome for dividing up and munching on all day long.  That is my kind of chocolate treat.  I feel like I am getting multiple indulgences all day without all the high calorie numbers.
Just to prove that my favorite things are not always chocolate things, I also want to highlight a few things that I have purchased based on previous favorite thing recommendations.

Erika was 100% on point when she recommended Downy Unstopables In-Wash Booster in March!  I purchased the Fresh scent and I love it!  We don't use it on all the wash but I really love the extra yummy fragrance it adds to sheets and towels.  Thanks Erika!

I also took Erika's recommendation in February.  The Nivea Shimmer lip gloss is easy like a chapstick but adds a little color and shimmer that is perfect for Spring and Summer.  Thanks again Erika! :)
I also listened to Rachel in February and checked out Emerald's Breakfast on the Go nut & granola mixes.  I personally love the berry nut blend.  Thanks Rachel!
Also, in February I checked out some new glitter nail polish thanks to Andrea's recommendation.  I just love how fun it is for Spring.  Thanks Andrea!

As you can see the ladies that link up have some great recommendations!  I always enjoy checking out their favorite things and adding them to my Target shopping list!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Love

Well, I think I officially have a sugar and sodium hangover thanks to all our Easter celebrations.  I showed decent restraints with sweets but when Grandma W asks if you want a piece of homemade turtle cheesecake, ones does not refuse!  And let me tell you...it was worth every delicious calorie!  On the other hand, I haven't eaten so much ham (thus the sodium issues!) in one weekend since last Easter.  Again, delicious but I am good on ham until Christmas!  :)

We kicked off our celebrations on Saturday evening with my mother-in-law's family. 

The kids checked out their Easter baskets from Grandma & Grandpa early!  Swimsuits, movies and cars, oh my!
I got in some serious snuggle time with my new nieces, Alex Rose and Caroline Elizabeth.  So much sweetness!
On a totally vain note, can you see all the new hair I have growing in?!  It is crazy and uncontrollable!  Thanks Chase :)

On the hunt for eggs!

Showing off her loot!  Like a good daughter in law, I left all the candy at the house for my in laws to enjoy!  :)

Attempting a family picture.  We don't normally coordinate but we had family pictures right before the party.  :)  Chase coordinates by coincidence thanks to the cupcake he annihilated during pictures though.... 

My boys.  Love them so much.

I love when he smiles so big his nose scrunches up!

Natalie loves her Aunt Megan

Love this picture with Chase and Grandma Deb!  So much happiness :)

Before we left for more Easter celebrating, the kiddos did a little egg hunting at our house.

 Plus a little climbing!  Of course, he climbed over the side rail to get here!  :)  Natalie was not a climber so this is a whole new ballgame for me!

My sweet girl.

On Sunday, we were back at the in laws to celebrate with my father in law's family.  A yummy brunch on Easter is my favorite!  Now my father in law is one of 9 kids so this is a pretty decent family gathering (30-35 peoples) since all but two of his brothers and sisters are local. There are lots of my hubby's cousins local too and we are really starting to expand on the great grandkids as well!  It is so much fun when we all get together and I know Great Grandma & Grandpa P love seeing the family together.  :)  However, I apparently forgot to take any pictures while we were there.  #majorfail

As a side note, what is brunch without champagne and mimosas?  Amiright?!?  I chuckled a little when every one of my FIL's siblings showed up with a bottle (or 2 or 3) of champagne but by the time we left 4 hours later they were already half way thru the 11th bottle of champagne!!!  Love it  :)

Next we were off to my mom's for a low key dinner with her and my brother.  It was delicious and a nice change to the rest of the craziness of the weekend.

I love this picture so much! 

The best shot we got of the kids together!  They were both pretty over it all by this point.  :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Us - Everyday. Week 14 & 15.

Week 14
Day 88:  Opening Day!  Go Cardinals!
Mar 31
Day 89:  A perfect Spring day to visit the zoo!  It was a little chilly in the morning but by lunch it was the perfect temp!
Apr 1

 Day 90:  I could not believe how our backyard looked today!  We got an excessive amount of rain in such a short period of time.  The soil couldn't absorb it quick enough!
Apr 2
Day 91:  Playing so sweet together!  It melts my heart to see them be so good to each other.  :)
Apr 3
Day 92:  My little artist!
Apr 4
Day 93:  How cute are these two?  Purple Frozen shirts?  Check!  Tutus?  Check!
A great time with friends?  Double check!  :)
Apr 5
  Hanging out after a successful Easter egg hunt.
Day 94:  Not a great picture but the aftermath of Chase's run in with a metal truck at Grandma & Grandpa's.  He busted his lip pretty good and there was a ton of blood.  Turns out the bigger booboo was where he bite his tongue.  :(  Poor little guy.
Apr 6
Week 15
Day 95:  Celebrating the Cardinals for their home opener!  It is basically a holiday around these parts!
Apr 7
Day 96:  Loving her new swing set!
Apr 8
Day 97:  First swim lesson of the season!
Apr 9
Day 98:  Enjoying a beautiful day at Purina Farms.  The kids loved the dog show and checking out all the baby farm animals.
Apr 10
Day 99:  Another fun day hunting Easter eggs with friends!
What better way to celebrate than with decorating rice krispie pops?
Apr 11
Day 100:  My little princesses with two of her favorite princesses
Apr 12
Day 101:   Enjoying our first Cardinals game of the season!  Love a date at the ballpark with my honey! :)
Apr 13