Monday, February 24, 2014

Us - Everyday. Week 8

Another fun week :)
Day 48:  We definitely need to work on our selfies but I love the sweet hug Natalie is giving Chase in this picture.
(Feb 17)

 Day 49:  Rocking the stripes!
(Feb 18)

Day 50:  Chase hanging out with his bff Vincent.
Vincent is one of my dearest friend's little boy and just 8 weeks older than Chase.
I can't wait to watch them grow up together!
(Feb 19)

Day 51:  Fun with Letters Story Time at the library.
She was showing off her letter tracing skills :)
(Feb 20)

 Day 52:  Another story time at the library.
This one was with our friends at MOPS and all about moose.
(Feb 21)

Day 53:  After 2 story times this week, we happened on Curious George at the local Barnes & Noble.
Natalie was NOT impressed at all!  :)  She didn't want to go anywhere near George and even asked to leave half way through the story. 
 Hmm, has me rethinking our Disneyworld plans.  Is will be different with the princesses, right?!?
(Feb 22)

Day 54:  My loves spending a lazy Sunday afternoon cuddled on the couch.
Don't you just love Natalie's comfy outfit?  This girl has some serious style sense :)
(Feb 23)

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