Monday, February 17, 2014

A Day for Love!

Matt and I have never been big celebrators of Valentine's Day - it is so close to his birthday that the celebration tends to get lumped in with his birthday.  That all changed when we had kids.  Now we make it a family celebration.  And I LOVE it!

Of course I had to scope out Pinterest for different ideas to celebrate and one of my favorites was placing hearts on each of the kid's bedroom door.  We did variations of "We love..." and "We love you because..."

And a close up view of a few...

Natalie was so excited when she woke up and saw her door!  She keeps asking to read over the hearts!  :)
For breakfast, I found a recipe for pink cinnamon rolls and thought they would be a perfect breakfast treat.  Unfortunately, they were a big Pinterest fail for me.  I have no idea what I did wrong (probably something with letting the dough rise too much or not rise enough) but my rolls looked totally different than the source when I rolled them up.  They did make the kitchen smell amazing though....silver lining.  :)
Next time I will be buying cinnamon rolls and adding food coloring to the icing!  Easier and a proven delicious treat! 

If you are brave and want to attempt the cake mix cinnamon rolls, check out the recipe here.
Natalie had her Valentine's party last week but I still wanted to share the Valentine's she gave to her friends.  She loves Frozen and hot chocolate so I was not surprised when picked this option out of all the ideas I showed her.  Of course, I think finding the heart shaped marshmallows sealed the deal!  :)
These were super easy to make in Microsoft Word - just a quick Google image search to find pictures and adding Wordart.  Just print, cut out and attach to the marshamallow baggie and hot chocolate.  Different and something she was very excited to show her friends.  Makes my heart smile!

Showing off her Valentine's...

Hard at work decorating her gift bag...

Smiling with a mouth full of yummy candy :)

 Another Valentine's outfit...
My other adorable Valentine.  He is such a ham sometimes!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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