Monday, February 17, 2014

Us - Everyday. Week 7

The week of love!  We had a pretty low key week celebrating my sweet hubby's birthday and Valentine's Day.  
Day 40:  Celebrating Matt's birthday with our extended family.  Can you believe everyone is looking at the camera and SMILING!??  I think it may be a first for us ;)
(Feb 9)
Day 41:  Watching him devour mashed potatoes never gets old! 
Oops, and let's disregard my sweet second child in his hand-me-down floral bib!  :)
(Feb 10)
 Day 42:  The kids love spending time with Grandpa Rob!  Those glasses look good on you two!
(Feb 11) 
Day 43:  Starting our day off right with play-doh.
(Feb 12)
Day 44:  Valentine's Day Prep
(Feb 13)
 Day 45:  Yummy pink Valentine cinnamon rolls!
(Feb 14)
Day 46:  Dinner out with the hubby to celebrate his birthday (and Valentine's Day).
We checked out a new restaurant and had the most amazing dinner.  It was so nice to have a quiet dinner just the two of us since it rarely happens these days!
(Feb 15)

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