Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Come on In....Holiday Decor!

Today I am linking up with the lovely Andrea for the last 2014 installment in her Come On In series!  I have absolutely loved this link up - participating and checking out everyone's posts.  A big thanks to Andrea for hosting!
Fist up the kitchen.  Some cute red sparkly snowflakes to jazz up the white cabinets....

The window above the sink gets a little pizazz too!  The ornament banner and shadow box are homemade craft projects.  I love them and the memories of when I made them with friends!
The Christmas tree handprint art is new this year thanks to my sweet little boy.  :)

Moving into the family room....
The mantle changes every year as I find new pieces but the ornament wreath has been a fixture since I made it a couple of years ago.

I added some festive pillows and accent pieces to the side tables.  I am also trying out the wreathes for something different this year.

One of my favorite parts on our holiday d├ęcor, are the little villages we set up in the cubbies in our family room.  These also evolve each year as my Aunt scales down her village and passes the houses on to us.

 Natalie made some special holiday artwork for us this year too! 

The buffet table in the dining room.
Another view into the dinning room.  

Our entry table by the front door.

Lastly, our Christmas tree.....in a new spot.  :)  And also very real which is new for us too!

Every year growing up my family and I would trek out to a Christmas tree farm about an hour and a half away to find the perfect tree for our home.  I have the absolute best memories from these trips.  Some of my very favorite childhood photos are of us on the hay ride up to the trees or standing in front of the "chosen" tree.  I have wonderful memories snowball fights, arguing over the perfect height/circumference/needle type, and enjoying hot chocolate and kettle corn on the drive home.
With my mom and brother ready to find the perfect tree.  As a side note, how much does Natalie look like me here?!?  She is definitely my mini-me :)
A couple years ago I convinced my hubby that we needed to start the tradition with our kids.  We missed last year but I had a great time this year - well most of us did.  ;)  I have a whole post planned about our adventure but I will leave you with these tidbits from our trip.
 I think this picture perfectly sums up our life and family right now.  Matt cutting the tree, Natalie laying on him because she wants to help but doesn't want to get dirty and Chase with a stick annoying his sister.  So much fun! ;)
Lol....this will definitely be a favorite family picture. 

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Fun! Halloween Edition

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween this year!  We visited the Zoo for their Halloween celebration, we attended the costume parade and party at Natalie's preschool, we had a Halloween playdate with friends and finally, we hosted a trick or treating party for some of our friends and family on Halloween evening!  It was a crazy, busy week and we enjoyed every moment!
For Halloween we.....
enjoyed a beautiful evening with friends at Boo at the Zoo!
A little unsure of the graveyard scene.  Ha!

My sweet bumblebee and cranky Cardinals player.
Once again, Chase was NOT feeling pictures.
Also since the temps were in the low 70s (what?!?) we opted for Chase to wear an alternative costume since his main costume was more appropriate for cooler temps.

With my sweet girl while Chase pouts next to us.
I can't wait to show him these pictures when he gets older so he knows what a stinker he could be.  Lol!
Natalie requested a picture with the pretty butterflies
Couldn't miss the big black cat too!

Chase showing us his new trick....his VERY excited face!  Ha! 

There is my fun boy!  He thought the bubble machine was the BEST!

One of my favorite pictures of the night!  Our friend's little boy Vince on the left, Chase in the middle and Natalie on the right.  The only picture we could get of the 3 of them!
For Halloween we...
carved pumpkins...of course!
Matt doing the prep work while Natalie snacks in the background...and supervises!
Once again this year she wanted nothing to do with the inside of the pumpkin
Chase snacked and supervised as well

 Which left me to do the actual carving.
 Not to shabby....Queen Elsa at Natalie's request
 And Jake for Chase.
I will NOT take credit for the monster face #allmatt
So excited for their pumpkins!

For Halloween we...
celebrated with Natalie at her school
Have you ever seen a cuter bumblebee?!!?

Hanging out in the dropoff lane for school.
She was so excited Daddy was off work and could attend her party. 

Costume parade!  She was so excited when she saw us and super proud of her treat bag.
Love her so much!
Time to party!
Stories, games and treats, oh my!  :)
I am so blessed to share these special moments with my kids.  I love meeting her friends and seeing how she spends her time away from me.  She was one happy girl!

This Halloween we...
partied with friends
The temperatures made a pretty drastic drop on Halloween - high around 44 degrees.  Brr!
We bundled up for our party since we knew there was going to be a fun hayride.
Chase was less than thrilled by his lion costume so Natalie was trying to cheer him up with stuffed animals.  She is such a loving and sweet big sister.  :)  It makes my heart so happy to see her take care of him.  #blessed

Trying to get a better picture of my little lion

All the kiddos!  I love the variety of costumes :)

Not the best quality but I love this picture of my kiddos.

 With my friend Sarah and our boys on the hayride.
The whole gang all bundled up on the hayride. 
I love having such a wonderful group of ladies to share my days with.  So much fun making memories with them and our kids!

For Halloween we....
invited our friends and family over to trick or treat
Natalie and her cousin Bella getting ready to go
Once again Chase was not feeling his costume ;)
Thanks to the frigid temps and blustery wind my bumblebee was all layered up.

Most of the kids ready to go!

After trick or treating, the girls decided to dress up and put on a fashion show for us!
Too cute!
After looking back at all the pictures from Halloween evening, I realized we did not get a family picture and I am so bummed!  In fact, I hardly took any pictures that evening and none of our guests or the party.  Disappointing but also a good sign that I was having too much fun to stop and take pics.
Whew.....I am exhausted from just thinking about our crazy, fun-filled October!  It is definitely one of my favorite times of year.
Now on to November!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Fun! October Edition Part 2

This October we....
cuddled up with Kenzie in her bed to watch cartoons.
 This October we...
decorated our yard ornaments

This October we....
found another fun pumpkin patch to visit with Grandma DeeDee
Natalie posing with the Elsa and Anna painted pumpkins

Chase having the best time in the corn maze.  Love his BIG smile :)

Corn maze selfie!

Playing in a big box of corn is awesome!

The biggest swing I have ever seen!  The kids absolutely loved riding this swing! 

Fun slide

Riding the pony express barrel train.
Chase and I rode too but he refused to take a picture.....and then screamed because he didn't want the ride to end.  #lifeisroughfor18montholds
In October Natalie....
got her new school pictures
and I shed a tear over how much she has changed in 2 years. 
Where did my baby go?
In October Chase and I...
finished up swim lessons
 In October we...
opened the windows and enjoyed the beautiful weather
While Chase was napping Natalie got comfy on the window sill and watched a movie.
In October I...
started a new business venture.
I joined an amazing company called ItWorks!
ItWorks' leading product is the Ultimate Body Applicator.  It is a non-woven cloth wrap infused with powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning and firming results.
They also have additional body contouring products, top-notch nutritional supplements, and a specially formulated skin care line that safely nourishes your body and enhances your life.
What to learn more?  Check out the corporate page or email me at lmp_itworks@yahoo.com
In October Chase....
used macaroni & cheese to style his hair ;)

In October we...
taught Chase the fine art of bar games
Don't worry the shuffleboard is in my in-law's basement not an actual bar :)

In October we...
learned gymnastics
Chase rocking the balance beam and Natalie showing off her jumping skills

This October we...
picnicked on the porch
And Chase gave me his cheesiest smile!  Ha!

In October we....
played in the leaves - in short sleeves!
Love October!!!