Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday - Wedding Shows

It's that time again!!  Linking up with the ladies at The Good LifeA. Liz Adventures.  Hello! Happiness. Carolina Charm for another fun and fab 5 on Friday! 
This week, in honor of Sean and Catherine's BIG day, I am sharing my favorite wedding shows.  The funny thing about wedding shows is that I rarely watched them when planning my own wedding.  I don't know if they just hadn't become popular yet or I was just so wrapped up in my own planning that I didn't realize they existed.  I'm thinking it is probably a good thing though, otherwise I would have been overwhelmed by the ideas and choices!
Thank goodness Pinterest didn't exist then either!  Oh my, wedding inspiration overload!
Before I jump into the list, I want to share a few thoughts on Sean and Catherine's wedding.  My first reaction when I saw the ceremony!  It was GORGEOUS!!  I loved the subtle colors and the touches of gold.  So classy...or I suppose in Catherine's words, "grown sexy".  (Yeah, I have no idea what that means either!)  I waited the next 2 hours (!) to get a glimpse of the reception only to be disappointed.  Insert major sad face.  Can you just imagine how beautiful it was?
The other big takeaway from their ceremony was how normal and happy they seem as a couple.  I loved seeing the little quirks of their relationship that really showed they were in sync and meant to be.  Like the adorable triple kiss thing they did.  Too cute! 
Honestly, they just seem very in love and that showed (in abundance) during their ceremony.  Sean just oozed happiness and love when he watched Catherine walk down the aisle.  :)  Speaking of the ceremony, how wonderful is Sean's dad?!?  Wow!  He did an amazing job! 
(I could have done without the 'honeymoon suite cam' though....eww!  Way to stay classy Bachelor producers!)
Don't they look so happy?!  Congrats to the couple!  May your love grow every day!
If you want to see some behind the scenes stuff from the wedding check out Shay from Mix and Match Family - and Sean's older sister!!  She blogs about the pre-wedding festivities and the wedding.
Also, you must check out the hilarious recap at by Shaeffer at Pinterest Told Me To.  She really captures all the awkwardness of the show.

Now on to the list!!
My favorite type of wedding show centers around the big day and all the details.  However, it is always a little more fun when you feel like you kind of know the people.  Because of that the Bachelor/Bachelorette weddings are always a must watch for me.  I love to see the planning, the bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers, day of process and of course the beautiful weddings.  My one complaint?  They never show enough of the reception!
I remember watching Trista & Ryan's wedding and being in utter awe at the grandness (and pinkness) of it all.  It was pretty cool to have seen the beginning of their courtship and to see it culminate in such a gorgeous day.

I love this show for the simple fact that the primary focus is on the ceremony and reception.  If you are not familiar with the show, they choose 4 brides and send them to each other's weddings.  They ask them to judge and rate each other's weddings in categories such as 'overall experience', ' food', 'venue' and 'the dress'.  It is amazing how nitpicky the girls can be about the smallest details.  Well, actually it is kind of sad when you really think about it .... hmmm
However, from the perspective of seeing tons of ideas and more of the wedding day festivities (which many other shows do not highlight), this is a great choice! Just take the cattiness with a grain of salt... :)
I have a confession.  I visited 8 (yes, 8) bridal shops before I found THE dress.  I probably tried on 5-10 dresses at each shop.  It was an exhausting process and I honestly was concerned I would never find my dress.  It was a love/hate process for me too.  I was so excited to try on dresses and I loved spending the time with my mom and bridesmaids but the novelty does wear off after awhile. 
My mother-in-law told me I would cry when I found the dress but I was skeptical because I am just not a crier, but cry I did.  Though I am pretty sure the cry was more out of relief from finally finding a dress!  ;)
So....Say Yes to the Dress is a fun watch for me.  There are definitely some interesting tastes out there but I must say, wedding dresses seem to bring out the beauty in everyone!
In the same vain as Say Yes to the Dress, I enjoy TLC's other version, I Found the Gown.  Format is the same, just a different price point and location.  Both shows can suck me into a marathon before I even know what hit me!
I'm not sure this one really counts but I did enjoy it since I have been a long time fan of the RH franchise.  They showed all the planning AND the wedding AND the reception!  Yes, my kind of wedding show!  Plus the over the top opulence (was that a bike full of roses hanging behind the alter?!?) of it all gave the show a fairy tale vibe. 
And just for fun, a few pictures from our wedding.  Hard to believe it was almost 5 years ago that I was blessed to marry my amazing hubby!
My absolute favorite picture from our wedding day.  I just love the light and how it captures 'us'.
Since I thought it may be a little much to include all of my other favorites (ha!), here is a collage instead! :)
All photos courtesy of Trotter Photo.


  1. You are after my heart with this fun wedding post! EEEEE! LOVED Sean and Catherine's wedding, the decor, and have the same thoughts about the Honeymoon Suite cam too. Weird!! When Sean lost it right after the ceremony..bless it!!!! Melt me! So sweet!! xx

  2. I love this post! I always thought that after our wedding I wouldn't watch these anymore- I was so wrong (it might be due to the fact that I am a wedding planner though haha) You look beautiful by the way! love the pics!

  3. Say Yes to the Dress is definitely my favorite...although I had a super easy and non-dramatic dress shopping experience, it was the 3rd dress I tried on! :P