Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Natalie's First Hair Cut

My little girl is all grown up! 
I can't believe we are finally crossing this big milestone...the first haircut! 
I know, I know....her FIRST haircut and she is almost 3 and a half years old.  That is the beauty of having a little girl and having her hair grow in so nicely. 
Oh and no incidents with stray scissors.  Lets keep our fingers crossed we don't ever experience that particular "milestone".

A few weeks ago it became really apparent that she was over due for a haircut.  Not to mention that our after bath routine to get the tangles out was wearing us both out.  No tangle shampoo?  Challenge accepted and defeated.  Seriously...that stuff did NOT work here.  Ouch
A few shots to document just how long her hair had grown. 

We went to a local salon that specializes in kid's cuts and make a big deal out of first hair cuts.  They were so great with Natalie made her feel so special! 

Natalie was able to pick 3 flavors for her shampoo.  Her picks?  Cupcake, pineapple and cherry!  It smelled yummy.  :)

So big getting her hair washed!
Another great thing they do at the salon, is let the kids pick a fun chair to sit in. I was a little surprised by her choice but she was sure the train was the best one! 

The finished result!  I had them cut 6 inches (!!) off and it is still pretty long.  It looks so much healthier now and (so far) our tangle problem seems to be better. 
Showing off her new cut and special braid! 
I love the look on her face too!  She was so distracted by the movie they were playing behind me...ha!

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