Monday, January 6, 2014

Us - Everyday. Week 1

Week 1

Over the past year I have found some very cool blogs and some even cooler ladies.  They have inspired me, made me laugh and made me think.  A particular series on one of my favorite blogs, Shay at Mix and Match Family, was a daily review.  She posted one picture from every day in 2013.  I thought it was a cute and clever way to document the little moments that occur that may otherwise pass us by without much thought.

Little did I know, she had a slightly deeper reason or revelation for posting these daily pictures.  She had a tough year but in her words “I really try and find some piece of happiness and joy in every single day God gives me.  Some days sucked this year...but I managed to squeeze out a tiny piece of happiness in a silly photo.”

Smart girl!

It made me think and it made me want to participate.  Every day isn’t all roses but there are special moments in each day and we should not let them pass by without appreciation and gratitude.

Without further ado, my very first Us – Everyday post for 2014!

 Day 1: Every time I walk into our storage room, I have a slight panic attack over the unorganization (I know it’s not a word – but that is the only way to describe it!).  We took a couple hours to today and tackled the craziness.  The end result makes me very happy! (Jan 1)
Day 2: It was way too cold to play in the real snow but that didn't stop us from pretending! (Jan 2)

Day 3: This kid LOVES mashed potatoes! (Jan 3)

Day 4: Future fashionista (Jan 4)

Day 5:  Love these two!  She lasted less than 5 minutes out in the snow :)  (Jan 5)


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