Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday

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1. Polar Vortex.  I don’t know about you but I am O-V-E-R winter.  Seriously.  Done.  I realize that is not the best psychological place to be in since we have at least 2 more months of winter.  (I am going to be hopeful and consider March to be Springtime-ish.   I can’t even think about the fact that our biggest snow storm last year (15”) came at the end of March.)  We have been cooped up in the house for 5 (!!!) full days now.  Getmeoutofthehouse!  You know it is bad when I am looking forward to going to the grocery store.  J
And what is up with the sub zero temperatures?!!?  The local meteorologists said it had been 30 years since we had seen temperatures this low for an extended period of time.  Well, I am going to cross my fingers that we don’t see it again for another 30 years!
2. The Bachelor. 

Wow.  Night 1 – let the craziness begin.  I have to admit I am on the fence over Mr. Juan Pablo.  While he is quite good looking, I think he may be lacking some depth.  Oh, who am I kidding, that doesn’t matter in this context.  Bust out the champagne and cheers to another season of crying, over the top dates and the.most.dramatic.rose.ceremony EVER (or since last week). 
For my favorite blogger review of the Bachelor check out Pinterest Told Me to. 
3. Water Infuser.   As part of my New Year’s resolution, I am trying to drink more water.  Now, I am not a huge water lover and most of the time I find it to be pretty bland.  However, the reality is I need to be drinking more water, not just to help lose weight but to just be healthier overall.  So I asked for a water infuser for Christmas and received this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond. 
So far I have tried mint & blackberry.  Yeah, that didn’t work.  Blackberries don’t infuse well but the mint did work but it needs something to balance it.  I also tried oranges and lemons which is a much better combination.   I found this on Pinterest so I am hoping to try a few new combinations soon.  If I ever get out of my house again….
4. Toy Organization.  Is anyone else overwhelmed by the sheer amount of toys and stuff kids can accumulate?  It is unreal.  Not to mention the pieces that go with each of the toys.  Everything comes with pieces…and they seem to spread to every inch of the house.  Maybe this is being amplified this week but I need some serious revamping of our toy storage.  Right now we have baskets or totes but things are just getting lost in there and I kind of hate having totes all over. Yeah, I may need to dive into this one for a full post….

5. Bunco.  Now I assure you I am not in fact a 90 year old woman but my girlfriends and I are starting a bunco group.  And, you know what?  I am super pumped!  I know our husbands think it is a little ridiculous but playing bunco is really just the excuse to get together with your girlfriends once a month, have a drink and snack on some yummy appetizers.  I have been missing my girlfriends and can't wait for the monthly date!

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