Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Chase Edward!

Dear Chase Edward,

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since God blessed us with you.  We waited a long time to meet you little man and it was worth every minute.  You made your debut 12 hours and 21 mins after your due date.  I should have known then you would do everything in your own way, in your own time!

From day one you have been the best snuggler.  Snuggled up on my chest was pretty much the only way you would sleep for the first few weeks.  Or whenever you had a hard time falling back asleep after an overnight nursing session.  Or when you were just feeling extra lovely. 
I cherished those quiet moments with you and drank in your sweet baby smell.
Early on you let us know you were going to be all boy and much different from your calm sister.

You were a pretty laid back baby unless your little hiney was bothering you. 
My heart still hurts thinking about how you must have felt without us knowing or understanding what you were going thru prior to your surgery.  :(
But after your surgery, you were like a completely different baby.  Happy as could be all.the.time!
You are quick to share your sweet, happy smile and a big belly laugh too!
You love to talk and make sure we know you are part of our conversations.
You have the most beautiful big, blue eyes and field compliments all the time about them.   

 You love to be part of the action and to soak in everything that is going on around you.

 Your sister loves you fiercely and you are already looking out for her.
You have always used your eyebrows to express emotion.  A furrowed brow became a classic Chase look.  :)
 You are so funny and love to make us laugh.  A favorite trick is screaming super loud until your sister laughs at you....which she always does ;)

You were quite the crawler but those days are long gone.  These days you are walking all over the place and I am already having a hard time keeping up with you!

You love being getting into everything and often times being quite mischievous. 

We learned early on not to get in the way of you and food!
Speaking of eating, you are the BEST eater!  I have not found a food you won't eat and often times you eat more than your sister in a sitting.  You also love making a big mess when you eat! :)

You love being outside but you really love swinging!  I can get the biggest laughs from you while in a swing.

You currently have 7 teeth with another 1 on the way (to balance out the bottom of your goofy grin!)
You love going for walks but your days of being contained in the stroller on our outings are numbered.  You much prefer to be out walking and checking out everything on your own terms. 

You have already had your first haircut -
don't worry it was more traumatic for me than it was for you.
You look like such a big boy with your new do!

You love your binky, exploring and wearing everyone else's shoes.

 But most of all I think you love being adventurous and climbing on everything in sight!

You have the most adorable, crinkly little nose when you smile super big!
Chase Edward, you have been the perfect addition to our family and I am blessed to be your mama.  Thank you for being my sweet baby boy!
We love you to the moon and back!

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