Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Year's Resolution - Month 4

Start a blog.  Post at least 4 times a week
How about post twice a week?!?  Apparently that is a more realistic goal the past 2 months.  :)

Lose the last of the baby weight
Still on track here.  I have officially lost the last of the baby weight and a few extra pounds as well.  So excited!  We are so close to our vacation to Mexico which has been a big motivator for me.  My self confidence is up and I am excited to start toning and keep on track!

Try a new recipe each week
I didn't get a new recipe in each week BUT I did find 2 amazing new recipes to add into our favorites rotation!
The first is a White Cheese Chicken Lasagna from All Recipes.com and it was hands down one of my favorite new dinner items!  The sauce was so good and it was very easy to cut the recipe in half so I didn't have a ton of leftovers.  I was a little intimidated since I had never made a lasagna before, but this one was super easy. 
Since it was still Lent, I decided to try out a new Shrimp pasta in white sauce recipe from Taste and Tell blog.  My husband said it tasted like something we would get in a high end restaurant.  Win!  :)  Now we are not big mushroom or asparagus fans but I just traded them out for broccoli and it worked perfectly for us.
I have a couple new recipes pinned that I am excited to try out in May so hopefully I will have a few new winning ones to share next month!

Make an effort to be less tired
Backtracking a little this month thanks to my allergies.  Man, can a bad allergy day just knock the wind right out of me.  We are officially done nursing so coffee is my current best friend!  ;)

Be present
I think this will always be a work in progress but I do find it so much easier to ignore my phone and other distractions while we are out enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Thanks for checking in and keeping me accountable to my goals!!

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