Thursday, April 17, 2014

Us - Everyday. Week 14 & 15.

Week 14
Day 88:  Opening Day!  Go Cardinals!
Mar 31
Day 89:  A perfect Spring day to visit the zoo!  It was a little chilly in the morning but by lunch it was the perfect temp!
Apr 1

 Day 90:  I could not believe how our backyard looked today!  We got an excessive amount of rain in such a short period of time.  The soil couldn't absorb it quick enough!
Apr 2
Day 91:  Playing so sweet together!  It melts my heart to see them be so good to each other.  :)
Apr 3
Day 92:  My little artist!
Apr 4
Day 93:  How cute are these two?  Purple Frozen shirts?  Check!  Tutus?  Check!
A great time with friends?  Double check!  :)
Apr 5
  Hanging out after a successful Easter egg hunt.
Day 94:  Not a great picture but the aftermath of Chase's run in with a metal truck at Grandma & Grandpa's.  He busted his lip pretty good and there was a ton of blood.  Turns out the bigger booboo was where he bite his tongue.  :(  Poor little guy.
Apr 6
Week 15
Day 95:  Celebrating the Cardinals for their home opener!  It is basically a holiday around these parts!
Apr 7
Day 96:  Loving her new swing set!
Apr 8
Day 97:  First swim lesson of the season!
Apr 9
Day 98:  Enjoying a beautiful day at Purina Farms.  The kids loved the dog show and checking out all the baby farm animals.
Apr 10
Day 99:  Another fun day hunting Easter eggs with friends!
What better way to celebrate than with decorating rice krispie pops?
Apr 11
Day 100:  My little princesses with two of her favorite princesses
Apr 12
Day 101:   Enjoying our first Cardinals game of the season!  Love a date at the ballpark with my honey! :)
Apr 13

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