Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Year's Resolution Update - Month 3

Start a blog.  Post at least 4 times a week
Um, Fail.  I knew last week was a big miss but I guess I didn't realize just how much I slacked off this month.  Only 8 posts in March...half of my goal.  Time to hit the reset button and get back in the game.

Lose the last of the baby weight
So far so good.  I started drinking more water again this month.  I love the cucumber, mint and lemon flavor which is supposed to be a metabolism booster.  Win!  I also started taking a Pilates class once a week.  I know it will take more than that to see drastic changes in my body shape but it feels good to get out and do something for myself.

Try a new recipe each week
Man, here is another resolution that has hit a rut.  Is this pretty normal for 3 months in?  It is good to have the accountability here since I am definitely seeing my slacking out in the open. 
Part of this goal miss is that I didn't cook as much as normal this month and part of it is because I have found some really great recipes that I have on repeat.  Not cooking so much?  Fail.  Finding great recipes to repeat?  Win.
Anyway, this month I tried out a Mix and Match Mama recipe for Chicken a la King.  Super easy and yummy.   A Tomato Soup recipe from Peas and Crayons that was ridiculously good.  Double the recipe for dinner and lunch leftovers.  She is not joking that the mozzarella balls make this even more delicious....oh and the cheese most definitely needs to be frozen!  Lastly, I made a  creamy lemon and basil pasta sauce off the box of lobster and shrimp ravioli I bought.  (Can you believe I tried a recipe that wasn't on Pinterest?!?!  Yeah, me either!)

Make an effort to be less tired
Our sleep training plan was a success!  Chase did so well that I actually feel silly that I let his poor sleep habits dominate our lives for as long as they did.  He is now sleeping from 7:30 to 7am every night.  A few times a week he will wake up at 6am but if I grab him and bring him to our bed he will sleep for another hour to hour and a half.  Works for me!  He is such a snuggler that he will lay right on my chest and nuzzle in for that last hour of sleep.  I LOVE this time with him more than I can express!  Sometimes I go back sleep with him sometimes I watch the news but I always spend some of the time taking in his sweet baby smell and cherishing this time with him. 
So anywho, with Chase sleeping better I am feeling so much more refreshed as well.  Plus since I am not nursing him as frequently I slip in a second cup of coffee some days.  And that always helps!  :)

Be present
Good days and bad days.  We had quite a few more nice days this month and it is so much easier to be present and involved while we are out enjoying the beautiful weather.  Not an excuse but an observation that I need to be accountable for on the days we are home and not on the go.

So there you have it.  The good and the bad of my resolutions after only 3 months.  Are you still keeping up with your resolutions?

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