Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Us - Everyday. Week 13

What a week!  I haven't been around much because we had a busy week prepping to install/build our new swing set.  Our prep time paid off and the swing set went up without a hitch....and in just under 6 hours!  Those guys totally rocked it!  :)
We also have been having some computer issues and PicMonkey has been a casualty of the problems.  Not having PicMonkey seriously affected my desire to blog since I couldn't make cute collages or fix my pictures.  Bummer!

Day 80:  I can't get over how much my baby is turning into a toddler!  Check out all those teeth!
He loves putting on other people's shoes right now.  Here he is wearing my mom's black flats.  :)
March 24

Day 81:  Not the best picture but we spent the afternoon at the bounce house with our friends Kristen, Olivia and Alyssa.  The girls had a blast!
March 25

Day 82:  Natalie insisted on wearing a scarf today like her mama!  Love it!
March 26
Day 83:  Prepping for the swing set build. 
Wood sorted?  Check
Hardware sorted and grouped by step in their own little bag?  Check
Having your OCD wife takeover the pre-work?  Check :)
March 27

Day 84:  Chase's party invites are ready to be mailed!
March 28

Day 85:  Lunch with my Grandma Mary.  Chase, once again, devoured his lunch and Grandma was super impressed!
March 29

Day 86:  Our fabulous crew and their awesome work!  Thank you all so much for your help!
The kids are loving having their 'own park' in the backyard!
March 30

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