Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Oh to be a Princess....

Recently a local youth theatre group but on a Disney Princess tea party and musical review.  It is pretty popular and I knew Natalie would absolutely love seeing all the princesses in person so I made sure to buy our tickets early.  We also invited both Grandmas so they could join in the fun! 

Natalie rocking her Snow White dress with Grandma Dee and Grandma Deb.
I had a general idea of what to expect (tea/lemonade, sweet treats, princesses and know, because I am super skilled in deductive reasoning!) but I was blown away by the show and the effort all the teens and young kids put into the show.  Man are they are talented!!!

The show was "hosted" by Lumiere with a little help from Cogsworth...

There were over 50 characters (Princesses, friends and villains) from all types of Disney films....(prepare for picture overload) :)

Pocahontas & Snow White
Cinderella & Belle
Ariel & Rapunzel (with Pascal, of course!)
Mulan & Merida
Tiana & Jasmine
Elsa, Anna and Olaf
Prince Phillip & Aurora
No, I have no idea why she is brunette!  ;)

 While all of these princesses were super exciting for Natalie, she was most excited to see Princess Sofia the First.  The look on Natalie's face when she saw her was absolutely priceless!  A mixture of awe, shock and pure thrill at meeting one of her favorite princesses.  :)
The show was just about an hour and a half and consisted of 35 songs!  
The Genie (with Aladdin) sang a Friend Like Me

Meg (from Hercules) sang Zero to Hero with some help from the other princesses.

Kristoff and Sven sang the Reindeer Song 
Giselle (from Enchanted) sang Every Girl Can be a Princess
Sebastian, Ariel, Flounder and Melody (Ariel's daughter...who knew?) sang Under the Sea
The show was super relaxed and the princesses were so sweet with all the little girls.
Natalie got to watch part of the show with Snow White and with Sofia!  She was so excited!

During the last song all the princesses danced with the kids.  It was so sweet and the perfect way to end the show.
With my favorite princess!!  ;)

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