Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Resolution Update - Month 2

Another month of 2014 down.  Per usual, I can't believe it is already March.  Now if only we could get spring to come soon too.  Yeah, I know, I'm sick of beating the dead horse that is this winter too luckily they were totally wrong with the forecast over the weekend.  Initial forecast was for almost 9" of snow.  What we actually got?  Some sleet and about an inch of snow.  But still....over it.  Next week be may get close to 60.  WooHoo!!!  Bring on the outdoor activities!

Time to check in on my resolutions...

Start a blog.  Post at least 4 times a week
So far so good.  I had 15 posts in February which is just shy 1 post shy of my goal.  Success in my book!  I struggle a little with finding the time to write and making that match with the times I am inspired to write.  Am I the only one that writes blog posts in my head in the middle of the night only to forget all the witty things I wanted to say when I actually can sit down and write?          

Lose the last of the baby weight
Complete!!  I don't know what gave this month since I really didn't change anything that I was doing in January (when the scale budged very slightly) but the scale moved big time this month!  I am so excited!  :)  Now on to getting toned!

Try a new recipe each week
Well, I thought I had reached this goal this month.  However, when I look back on my menu plans I realized I did quite a bit of recipe recycling this month.  Hmm.  I definitely had new recipes on the list to try but apparently I got sidetracked on those evenings and made other things.  I attempted a new Sloppy Joe recipe  (fail), Slow Cooker Chicken Ranch Enchiladas (delish), and Bisquick Chicken Parmesan (yummy).
I have all the ingredients on hand for lots of new recipes so hopefully I can make up for the missed recipes in February.

Make an effort to be less tired
Definitely improving here as well.  It may just be due to our busy February schedule but I felt much better all month.  At least during the day anyway.  The evenings were a whole other story.  It would be embarrassing to admit how many times I fell asleep by 9 this month.  At least it wasn't every night, right??
We have a sleep training plan in place for Chase so hopefully this my energy levels will improve as his sleep patterns improve.  One can hope!

Be present
Still a struggle at times but that is what resolutions are all about, right?  I have continued to keep my phone away from arm's reach which helps me not grab it at random times or out of habit. 

So there you have it.  The good and the bad of my resolutions after only 2 months.  Are you still keeping up with your resolutions?

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  1. I think that is awesome that you finally hit your baby weight goal! I am still fighting those same 5 stupid Christmas pounds. :D I compose blog posts and ledes for my newspaper articles in the shower - and usually promptly forget them when I get out!