Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Fun! October Edition Part 2

This October we....
cuddled up with Kenzie in her bed to watch cartoons.
 This October we...
decorated our yard ornaments

This October we....
found another fun pumpkin patch to visit with Grandma DeeDee
Natalie posing with the Elsa and Anna painted pumpkins

Chase having the best time in the corn maze.  Love his BIG smile :)

Corn maze selfie!

Playing in a big box of corn is awesome!

The biggest swing I have ever seen!  The kids absolutely loved riding this swing! 

Fun slide

Riding the pony express barrel train.
Chase and I rode too but he refused to take a picture.....and then screamed because he didn't want the ride to end.  #lifeisroughfor18montholds
In October Natalie....
got her new school pictures
and I shed a tear over how much she has changed in 2 years. 
Where did my baby go?
In October Chase and I...
finished up swim lessons
 In October we...
opened the windows and enjoyed the beautiful weather
While Chase was napping Natalie got comfy on the window sill and watched a movie.
In October I...
started a new business venture.
I joined an amazing company called ItWorks!
ItWorks' leading product is the Ultimate Body Applicator.  It is a non-woven cloth wrap infused with powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning and firming results.
They also have additional body contouring products, top-notch nutritional supplements, and a specially formulated skin care line that safely nourishes your body and enhances your life.
What to learn more?  Check out the corporate page or email me at
In October Chase....
used macaroni & cheese to style his hair ;)

In October we...
taught Chase the fine art of bar games
Don't worry the shuffleboard is in my in-law's basement not an actual bar :)

In October we...
learned gymnastics
Chase rocking the balance beam and Natalie showing off her jumping skills

This October we...
picnicked on the porch
And Chase gave me his cheesiest smile!  Ha!

In October we....
played in the leaves - in short sleeves!
Love October!!!

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