Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Update

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Spring and Summer?!?  I love getting out and exploring our city and introducing the kids to new things.  It is fun to see things I am familiar with through their eyes as well as experience things I have never done before with them.  Just making fun memories around here!  :)

So I know this is supposed to be a weekend update but I am going to start it on Wed and run it to Mon.  Though technically Monday is still our weekend because of Matt's work schedule....but I digress...

On Wednesday, one of the sweet ladies from my Mom's group had us out to her hubby's fire station.  The fireman were so great with the kids and even took everyone for a short ride in the big truck.  Sirens blaring and all!  Natalie was in seventh heaven!
One of the cool things they did was get one of the moms all dressed up in their fire suit.  It was nice to show the kids that even though a fireman might look kind of scary with their mask and helmet, they are really just somebody's mom or dad and there to protect us.
Natalie and Aiden all ready to go for a ride!

 Group pic!  Chase was NOT interested in being held at all that day!  #toddlerproblems :)

On Wednesday night we celebrated my birthday (a week early!) with my dad since he is going to be out of town on the actual day.  When they brought the saddle out for me to 'ride' while the restaurant gave a big 'yeehaw', I knew that Natalie would have way more fun up there than I would.  :)  She loved every minute!

Thursday morning we started bright and early with strawberry picking with friends.  It was an absolutely perfect temperature for a June morning (about 68 degrees) and we were loving the break from the humidity and heat.
Chase enjoyed smashing and eating the strawberries!  He was a HOT MESS with the strawberry juice!  Thank goodness for wet wipes!  :)
Natalie showing off a perfect strawberry she picked.

Chase was less than thrilled that I made him sit still for a picture...especially since I also took his binky away!  #moretoddlerproblems
I have no pictures from the park because I was too busy keeping Chase out of the mud from nearby construction.  Oh and cleaning up the squeeze pack of food that he decided to shower in.  Awesome :)

Friday was a total mix bag of highs and lows.  I suppose that is actually pretty typical with a one and three year old though...

We started off really well with a super sweet hug.  This picture just melts my heart.

After that sweet start we headed off to lunch with my sisters in law and mother in law for my MIL's birthday.  Chase had slept later than normal so he missed his morning nap, I (stupidly) assumed it would be fine because he would be hungry and then ready for a nap.  #WRONG
He wanted nothing to do with lunch or being contained in the high chair (no, I wasn't surprised since he loves being active....it is just that usually he loves food enough to sit still to eat.)  So after fighting the battle a little bit, I gave in and let him out while I was quickly trying to shovel my lunch into my face.  Unfortunately, for both of us this didn't end well.  Chase promptly fell and hit his head on the side of the booth giving himself an immediate bump/bruise on his forehead.  Awesome.  Oh and about this time I realized he had a totally disgusting diaper....even more awesome.  After getting him freshened up and applying ice for as long as he would tolerate, we headed out to the mall so everyone else could enjoy their lunch in peace.  Did I happen to mention we were at the Cheesecake Factory and I did not get cheesecake?!?  I mean, my waistline thanks him but still that stuff is delicious!

This is where Chase was happy to hang out while everyone else enjoyed their lunch and cheesecake.
Just keeping it real :)  
 On our evening walk.  Luckily the bump didn't look too bad.

To top off my day we found this little guy.  What is it, you ask?  Well, that is a funky, funky, funky sippy cup with milk that has been "hiding" under our bedside table for god only knows how long.  The stench has been plaguing us for awhile but it was a light stench that made you unsure what, if anything, you were really smelling.  Disgusting.  It went straight to the trash.  And now our garage smells funky!  ;)
 Saturday night we had a date night out with my bestie and her hubby for my birthday.  We checked out a super cute Mexican restaurant and I had the best strawberry mojito ever.  Seriously so freaking good!
My mom kept the kiddos for us Saturday night and I was super excited to see them on Sunday afternoon.  Especially when they were playing so well together.  Love watching their friendship and love develop.  
Being silly before bath time.
On Monday, we decided check out Busch Stadium tour.  We love watching the Cardinals play and since we have never taken the tour, we thought it would be fun for Natalie.
This year the city's 250th birthday so there are these cakes all over the city and surrounding areas.  Most are at city landmarks but all have a meaning and each are decorated specially for the location where they reside.  Pretty cool!

Chase (shockingly) wanting nothing to do with the stroller we brought for him.  Natalie didn't mind though!  :) 

Checking out the World Series trophy the Cardinals won in 2011.  They have won the World Series 11 times (second only to the NY Yankees) and have played in the World Series 3 times since they opened the new stadium 9 years ago.  Apparently, MLB only started presenting trophies in 1967 (a year the Cards won) so there were only 4 on display in the Champions Club.  (An all inclusive ticket area)
We are pretty proud of our Cardinals!

Checking out the view of the field from the press box.
After the press box we got to head down to the field.  Chase was a happy guy!

Then we got to hang out in the dugout for a few minutes.

After the tour, we decided to check out another, sweeter, St Louis landmark.  Crown Candy Kitchen is someplace that I have heard tons about but have never actually been myself.  It isn't in the best part of town but they do some serious business because it is so yummy!  The place was built in 1913 and hasn't changed at all.  There are only 14 tables and you wait in line for a table no matter what time you get there.  Lucky for us we only waited about 15 minutes for a table but by the time we left the line stretched down the street.  Crazy!
They are known for their milkshakes and now I know why!  We split a chocolate banana and a strawberry.  So ridiculously good....and HUGE!  We each had a full glass at lunch at still had a ton to leftover to take home.

Matt showing off their other specialty...a BLT.  I am pretty sure it had a pound of bacon on it.  #yuckbutohsogood :)
Chase was a happy camper once we let him get ahold of the chocolate banana shake!
Not mad about the strawberry shake :)
Of course, we had to get our picture with the St Louis cake here too!

Whew!  Once again we had a fun-filled, busy weekend.  Love these times with my kiddos and love it even more when we get to go on adventures and make memories as a family!

Unfortunately, we woke up to a sick little guy this morning so a pajama/relaxing day is in order.  :(

Here's hoping my little guy is feeling better soon.

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  1. I just ran across your blog! We LOVE Crown Candy!! We go there when we visit STL!! We live about 2 hours east. It's funny seeing familiar landmarks on your blog!!