Thursday, June 5, 2014

It was a beautiful May!

Hi!  We had a pretty busy May around these parts!  I have a few (okay, maybe a lot of) photos to share.  There were so many new adventures as well as some tried and true fun activities.  We were VERY ready for Spring weather and have been taking full advantage.  Hope you enjoy sneaking a peek into the fun we have been having.  :)
Matt's Aunt invited us out to her house early this month to enjoy an air show that was put on by her town.  Lucky for us she has a beautiful home overlooking the area where the air show would occur so we were able to enjoy a unique view and avoid the craziness of the crowds.  The air show consisted of planes from WWII and the Blue Angels.  So neat!
Chase's crazy hair after playing in the water fountain but it also shows a good
view off her back patio
Natalie showing her 'Holy Cow' face.  She made this face every time a plane flew over.
Chase playing in the water waiting for the show to start.  Hence his crazy hair in the pic above!

  What?  You couldn't nap with the Blue Angels flying over your head?!?   :)
So cool!  You can see 3 of the Blue Angels in the pic if you look closely.
This picture isn't zoomed in or doctored at all!! 
It was crazy how close they were and right over their house!

Meeting Llama Llama in his red pajamas at the library.  Do you love these books as much as we do?
I love Chase's face in this pic, like he is saying "Seriously, do you see this thing?!"
 Somebody moved to his big boy seat!
arts & crafts to celebrate Memorial Day

Her last swim lesson. 
Yes, she is holding a plastic spider that she chose for her 'prize'.  She loves that gross thing thanks to recently watching Charlotte's Web.  Lovely :)

One of many park days....and another spider....

Our town hosted a Public Works Fair where the kids could check out all their machinery.  We have a lot of construction going on around us right now so it was pretty cool for Natalie to get up close (and inside) some of the big machines we have seen around town. 
She also got to work the arm of the recycling truck.

 Our first swim of the season!  Chase was one happy little guy!
  Natalie showing off her diva shades!  I was so impressed with her bravery and the skills she learned during swim lessons. 
Sidewalk chalk!
When did my baby get so big?!
Nothing better than hanging out with friends and enjoying popsicles!
Well, unless your Chase, then maybe there is nothing better than Grandma's baked beans!  
 Matt's family owns some property and clubhouse on a local river so we headed out there over Memorial Day weekend to do a little fishing and a little exploring.
Natalie was so excited to go fishing and even more excited when she caught 7 fish!

Last week we explored a local bird sanctuary.  The bald eagles they have are so pretty.
Of course, the kiddos were very excited to see the chickens.  ;)  Chase really wanted to be out and part of the action...which went well for at least a little while!
So excited to show me the eagles!
Mama and Daddy turkey with their babies.
Natalie enjoying the motorcycle ride at our church picnic.

And the carousel with Aunt Megan. 
Showing off her winnings (tiara and poster) from the duck game.  She was so excited to hang the poster in her room!
Whew!  So much fun these past few weeks!  Looking forward to even more outside activities this summer!

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