Monday, June 30, 2014

Favorite Things - Corn Cake & Shampoo!

I missed the last Favorite Things link up (well, my posting in the link up but I definitely checked out everyone's else favorite things!) but I am ready to share a couple of things this month!

Linking up with the lovely Erika at A Little Bit of Everything and
Andrea at Momfessionals for their Favorite Things Party.
First up, because it wouldn't be my Favorite Things link up without a food item, is Chi-Chi's sweet corn cake.  Have you all ever had sweet corn cake??  It is so stinking good!  It is a variation of corn bread but sweeter and moister.
Chevy's restaurants has it as a little extra with their main dishes but that always leaves me wanting more.  Not to mention that we rarely get out to dinner any more with the two little ones.  But I digress.  This little packet can bring all the goodness into your home.  Try it as a side dish with Mexican or just really with just about anything.  You just add a can of cream corn and some melted butter, mix, bake and viola, you have yourself a yummy side item!  The mix is about $1.25.


Next up I am cheating just a tad.  I am not normally one to buy my shampoo in bulk as I like to change things up and almost always have 2 or 3 different shampoos open and available to use at any given time.  However, when Beauty Brands Store has their annual liter sale and a coupon, I figure what the heck. 

I did a little research on the types of shampoo and then headed over to the store.  Is it just me or do you need to smell shampoo before buying it too??  This Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo smells amazing.  It is a fresh minty smell that I think it great for summer.  It is different from the standard flowery or fruity smells which I love.  My hubby thinks it is a little strong right out of the bottle but really likes it on my hair.  Hmm, that was kind of a odd statement!  :)

I have only used this shampoo since I bought it last week and I LOVE the results so far.  My hair feels so soft and smooth and looks super healthy. 

If you have a Beauty Brands store near you check it out.  All their liters of shampoo and conditioner are currently on sale for $12.99 or less.  It is a savings of over 50% and really puts them on par  - ounce for ounce - with the drugstore brands.  Oh, and they also have a coupon for $3.50 off a purchase of $10 or more.  So technically I purchased by liter for just about $10 ;)

Unfortunately, they don't sell this particular shampoo online but you don't have a store near you check out the website for other great options.  Sale runs until Aug 2nd!


  1. I love corn cake! I will have to try that out!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up!! Those cakes look yummy and I always love any hair product recommendations!!