Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Adventures

A few posts ago I mentioned that we got a new dog from my mom.  Well, the reason Kenzie needed to come live with us (beside the fact that we were supposed to take her as a puppy but instead had a new baby) was because my mom had a new litter of puppies.
Awwww!  I just love little puppy faces!  Natalie was so sweet with the puppies and loved that she could hold them and snuggle! 

Chase really loved spending time with the puppies too.  He was so cute when he would get 'down to their level' and talk to them.  :)  I thought it was sweet but it did cause one of the puppies to take refuge under the coffee table!  #oops
So much fun loving on the new puppies!
We spent Saturday night celebrating a little one's 1st birthday and then got up bright and early Sunday for a family fun day.
Not far from our house you can cross over into Illinois via a river ferry.  I thought the kids would love it and it was a great way to be outside enjoying the cooler temps.
It is generally pretty flat around here but I always love the beauty of the bluffs around the river.

We got the kids out on the ferry ride so they could really soak in the experience.  The wind was blowing in their hair!  Ha!
Family pic while we cross the muddy Mississippi!  The kids absolutely loved the river ferry and Natalie declared it the best part of the day!  Over ice cream!!!!  :)  Love how these little things can make such a big impact on our memories and bring us such joy!
After the ferry ride, we did a scenic drive thru a park just over the river.  We found a beautiful overlook and decided to stop and have a picnic lunch in the back of our SUV.  Again, such a small thing that the kiddos thought was "SO COOL!!"  :)  

This face!!!  He just melts my heart :)

With my sweet girl. 

I just love this picture so much!  Natalie's sweet smile, Chase's 'cheese' face and my half-laughing, way too big smile is a great showcase of our day and how these kiddos are most of the time. 

3 out of 4 ain't bad!

On top of the world!  My little beauty showing off the beauty of our world!

 Plus, we stumbled on another cake!  In case you missed and want to learn all about the cake aspect of St Louis' 250th birthday celebration you can check it out here.
We finished up the day exploring a few little shops in the downtown area of the small town and having ice cream.   Yum!
It was a great weekend before our busy week...  Preschool, swim lessons for Chase, a Parents as Teachers visit and my very first meeting with a new MOPs group! 
Next weekend is supposed to be beautiful as well so I am already planning another fun adventure!  Bring on Fall!

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