Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Favorites - Fall Edition

Today I am linking up with a couple of my favorite bloggers,
 Andrea and Erika to share our Friday favorites!
Today I am sharing my some of my Fall favorites!
After a long summer of tank tops and shorts, I am always ready to wear jeans, long sleeves and light jackets.  I love the crisp air that makes jeans and long sleeves a necessity but doesn't require us to be completely bundled up. 
We have family pictures planned for October (eek!) so I have been searching high and low (on Pinterest, of course) for color palette inspiration.  Sadly, in the process I realized that I own very little (basically none) warm tone clothes.  I have no shirts in the Fall palettes that I keep seeing online.  What is a girl to do?  Am I thinking too literal and I should go with a simple black shirt, leopard scarf and simple shoes?  My leopard scarf has a really pretty orange that I could use to pull my outfit into the rest of the family's outfits. 
Or do I just go shopping for a new shirt??  #whataterribleproblem ;)
We tend to end up with some shade of blue so I am hoping to get out of that box.
I love the warmness of the deep red in this one but I want to keep it from looking to Christmas-y
I like all the neutral-ness and fall-ness of these outfits.  Scarves, layers, boots and ballet flats, YES!
vest // olive skinnies // neutral collage source not found
One of my very favorite things about Fall is baking.  Any baking is good but I really love incorporating pumpkin spice into desserts.  In fact, last year when I was invited to a "Favorite Things" party (bring 3 of your favorite items for $5 or less) last year, I brought a pumpkin spice gift pack with pumpkin spice pudding and pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses - recipes included too!  Yes, I did.  :)  Because who doesn't love pumpkin spice in their Fall cookies?! 

My favorite Fall cookie recipe is Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Cookies from Chef-In-Training.  These are so ridiculously good I can't do them justice with words.  If you bake nothing else pumpkin spice this Fall, at least try these.  Soooo yummy!
Another favorite pumpkin spice cookie recipe in our home is this little treat from Sprinkle Some Sunshine.

The dough has the perfect touch of cinnamon that makes it delicious on its own but the pumpkin spice kisses kick it up an extra notch.  I can hardly wait to make a batch of these yummy cookies!
I have been busy, busy, busy pinning new Fall dessert recipes the past few weeks in anticipation of the upcoming season.  Every year we go apple picking so I know I will need a couple yummy apple recipes in addition to homemade applesauce in the crockpot and mini apple pies.  Last year I made lots of baby food with the apples we picked but we are past that stage of life now so bring on the apple desserts! 
I'm thinking Baked Apple Pie Egg Rolls from Chef in Training or maybe Apple Snickerdoodle Coobler by Baked by Rachel will be my sweet treat for apple season.  Both look so yummy!

As for pumpkins, I have quite a few new recipes I want to try but realistically I will probably only get a few new ones in the rotation.  These are the ones at the top of my list...
Simple Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls by Mix and Match Mama.  Pumpkin?  Cinnamon?  Yes, thank you!
I have been obsessed with scones lately so I will definitely be trying these pumpkin scones from Cooking Classy
Hmm, apparently I have a thing for pumpkin breakfast items!  Lol!  :)
Fall is probably my favorite time to decorate as well.  While I love Christmas and all the beautiful décor that goes with it, the Fall decorations signal a change in seasons and I love the warmness it gives to a home.  Especially after the house has been void of holiday decorations most of the summer!
I bought the supplies to make this wreath because we all know my love of the letter P!  ;) 
Though looking at it again, I'm not sure I bought enough of the garland to ensure it is full enough.  Hmm, I guess we will see what happens...
via Etsy

I'm also thinking about trying to make these creepy little guys to incorporate into my Halloween décor.
Are you all as excited for Fall as I am?!?!?!

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  1. Darling fall faves! Can't wait to see how your wreath turns out! I think I pinned those same pumpkin scones - I need them asap!